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3rd Internasional  Webinar Series on

Potential of Zakat and Waqf in the Welfare of Ummah


Wednesday, July 28 2021

At 08:00 – 16:00 WIB



Muslims in the world are facing the challenge of how to respond and apply zakat and waqf at this time in the face of the economic caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The challenges include: First, the competence and capacity of amil zakat, as well as nazir waqf, which are not evenly distributed in Indonesia in particular and the world in general. Second, Good abilities, programs and skills in Indonesian amil institutions are not evenly distributed. There are institutions that are easy to jump-start the collection of zakat. However, on the other hand, there are still many who find it difficult to do so. Third, the lack of collaboration or synergy in the distribution and distribution of programs. One of them, due to inadequate data on zakat movement activities, data related to poverty maps, the distribution of needs-based mustahiq in Indonesia, and maps of the distribution of programs that have been and will be carried out by zakat institutions. Fourth, the accountability of zakat management organizations. Each zakat, infaq, waqf, and alms institution is an institution that requires high public trust.  For this reason, Muslims are currently required to carry out good and professional management of zakat and waqf.



Faculty of Sharia University of Darussalam Gontor Ponorogoin collaboration withUniversiti Tun Hussei Onn Malaysia, UIN Sayyid Ali Rahmatullah Tulungagung, Universitas Islam Indragiri, IAIN Kudus, UIN Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin Banten, UIN Kiai Haji Achmad Siddiq Jember, STAI EZ Muttaqienorganizes Webinars on themes3rd Internasional  Webinar Series on“Potential of Zakat and Waqf in the Welfare of Ummah”.


The webinar is held on:

Day / date: Wednesday, July 28, 2021
08.00 – 16.00 WIB

Welcoming Speech:

Prof. Dr. Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi, M.Phil.

Rector of University of Darussalam Gontor


Keynote Speakers

  1. Abd Shakor bin Borham

Tim Dekan Pengajian Umum PPUK UTHM

  1. Dr. Iffatin Nur, M.Ag

Head of Program and Master Program in Islamic Family Law

State Islamic University Tulungagung


  1. Iman Nur Hidayat, M.A.

Vice Dean of Faculty of Sharia Universityof Darussalam Gontor


  1. H. Najamuddin,Lc.,M.A

Rector of Indragiri Islamic University


  1. H. Mundakir, M.Ag

Rector of State Islamic University Kudus


  1. Iin Ratna Sumirat, M.Hum

Lecturer of Sharia and Law

Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin State Islamic University Banten


  1. H. Hefni Zain, S.Ag, M.M.

Vice Rector of Kiai Haji Achmad Siddiq State Islamic University Jember


  1. H. Srie Muldrianto, M.Pd.

Lecturer of Postgraduate Program Dr. Khez Muttaqien University Purwakarta



Dr. Mohamad Ghozali, M.A.
Vice Dean of Faculty of Sharia University of Darussalam Gontor

Ahmad Muqorrobin, M.A.

Lecturer of Sharia and Law University of Darussalam Gontor


Master of Ceremony

Vina Fithriana Wibisono, M.H.



Presenter: Free

Participant : Free

Individual : Free
Institution : Free


Fahman Mumtazi, M.A. – 081213308454
Abdullah Khairi, M.H. – 081331398780


The Zoom Meeting link will be sent via No. Whatsapp (WA) participants.

Please write the name of the participant in accordance with the name in the Zoom Meeting to make it easier for the committee to accept the attendance list for the Webinar participants.

thank you

Webinar Committee


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